Sunday, August 1, 2010

To Stop or Not to Stop Your Ideas Getting Spread Online?

You could try to protect our ideas using trademark law or copyright law. But, in fact, words, symbols and ideas are not protected. You may protect just what you do with your idea, for example a physical thing. Or you may protect a particular succession of words or sounds.

Also, you may protect by using patents, but this is an expensive way. It is risky to use patents for ideas. Using patents fits on physical things created with your ideas.

It is a good thing when you do not stop your ideas from spreading online, but you spread them more. That is because, in this way you could have relationships with people who has the same passion with you.

I personally think that creating a link from your page to the source is a situation where both parts can win. That is a reason why I created this link for you, so you could read the original article.

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