Sunday, August 1, 2010

An Interview With an Electronics Industry Analyst

Mike Demler grew up in the city of Buffalo, the place of US space program. His father worked part time on repairing business. So, even when he was young, he took contact with the technical world, and studied electronics in high school and University of Buffalo. After taking contact with Analog Integrated Circuit Design book, he decided to design integrated circuits.

First he worked as an Product Engineer at Texas Instruments, completed his Master of Science of Electrical Engineering, worked for General Electric in Research and Development laboratories, where developed very advanced analog technology for that time. After that, he worked for Unitrode-Micro Networks, where he wrote High-Speed Analog to Digital Conversion. He moved to Electronic design automation (EDA) industry and worked for other companies, taking contact with sales and vertical market strategy, too. Now, he works on disruptive technology for mobile wireless as an Industry Analyst. He works on analyzing Android ecosystem, focusing on wireless industry.

As an industry analyst, credibility comes when the predictions are confirmed. For credibility, what is important is the source of information you have. There are informations provided by companies under non-disclosure agreement. And, there are unofficial sources that you could learn what of them you should trust.

His blog is called “The World is Analog“, because in fact everything is in reality analog. Even digital systems can not ignore the analog physical aspects.

In the future, over 5 years he said, the wireless technology will have a big grow. And not just in smartphones, but in bioelectronics and in transportations (embedded systems in cars are just the beginning).

Mike Demler is an Electronics Industry Analyst at DIGDIA, runs The World is Analog blog, and created some presentations. He has a twitter account, too.

That is all I presented about Mike. To view the original article, click here.

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