Saturday, August 7, 2010

Harry Gries, an EDA Consultant

Harry Gries has 20 years experience in electronics. He is an ASIC designer, application engineer and consultant. Now, he runs a blog that you can find it here. Here is his twitter account.

He talks what he know from his experience.

Harry said that in the past, semiconductor companies had their fabrication systems and tools. Now, they are assured by EDA companies. The company culture does not differ so much from company to coompany, but it is driven by their leader. There could be more technology focused leaders or win at any cost leaders.

He said that working in EDA, means you need soft skils like dealing with people. Also, you need to understand the sales process.

Small EDA companies would like to be bought by bigger companies, or would go forward being helped by other companies like Xuropa to sell their products to worldwide customers.

Mr. Gries also said that the key customers will have a huge word of what requirements are needed, especially if the provider is a small company. Small costumers will have a word to say, but they have not so much influence.

Here are a few ideas from the interview with Mr. Harry Gries. To read all that he said, go to the original article.

A videoclip about what EDA means:

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